Oki 4400

Oki b4400 printer

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Download Driver for Windows

Download Driver for Windows

Download Driver for Mac

Download Driver for Mac

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Download Manual


Oki b4400 printer

OKI B4400 printer uses the Digital LED Electrophotographic Printing method. It is a monochrome laser printer with the capacity to print up to 27 pages per minute. On this page, you will find the links to download the printer driver and manual. Also, get to know how to set up the printer ad perform print functions on it.

How to download oki b4400 driver and manual

Locate the button for your computer’s OS. H the Download button below to download the driver right away. Get the Manual Download button to get the user guide in PDF form.

Oki b4400 setup

  • Peel off the tapes from the printer.
  • Open the printer cover on the top.
  • Lift the drum unit out of the printer.
  • Remove the sticker off the drum.
  • Install it back in its position.
  • Lock the lever such that the drum sits comfortably.
  • Pull down the printer cover.
  • Extend the output tray outward.
  • Slide the width guides and keep the paper support extended.
  • Attach the power cord to the rear of the printer and power it up.

oki b4400 Driver Download

The driver provided here works with the OKI B4400 printer. The driver software is responsible for printing color and monochrome pages.

oki b4400 Driver install

  • Make sure the printer is turned off and disconnect the USB cable from it.
  • Locate the downloaded driver file on your computer.
  • Double-click the executable file and run the installation.
  • Select the language and click OK.
  • Accept the terms of the License Agreement.
  • Hit Next on the installation wizard.
  • Pick Easy Installation and connect with a USB cable.
  • Once prompted, connect the printer and the computer with the USB cable.
  • Turn the printer on.
  • Hit Finish.
Oki b4400 Driver

Oki b4400 Driver install windows

  • Let the printer be switched off.
  • Right-click the file ending with .exe and choose to Run.
  • Click the box against the I accept the terms of the agreement option.
  • Select Easy Installation.
  • itThe installer prompts you to connect the printer and computer with a USB cable.
  • The Windows computer takes over at this point.
  • Do as directed and hit Finish.
  • Go over to the Devices and Printers on Windows.
  • Find your printer and right-click it.
  • Select Set as the default printer.
  • Go to Printer Properties and proceed to print a test page.

Oki b4400 Driver mac

  • Double-click the file ending with .dmg.
  • Hit ContinueContinueContinueAgree
  • Sign in to your Mac computer with the admin password.
  • Go to DownloadsSystem PreferencesPrinters & ScannersAdd printer OKI B4400
  • The driver installation for OKI B4400 is complete.

oki b4400 manual download

  • Download the printer manual from here.
  • Press Ctrl + J to open the browser’s Downloads folder.
  • Locate the manual file and open it.
  • Go to the Downloads section of your computer.
  • Double-click to open the manual.
  • Click on the desired topic, and you’ll be taken to the corresponding page.