Epson ET 2750

EPSON ET 2750 has an effective, low-cost printing technology since it contains ink that can last up to 3 years, which equals thirty ink cartridge sets. It is a cartridge-free printer. Ink can be easily refilled with the ink bottles given with the package. EPSON ET 2750 is a printer that can scan and print multiple pages at the same time. EPSON ET 2750 is a wireless printer that supports Wi-Fi Direct and can be connected to any devices or smartphones. It supports Epson iPrint, Email Print, Remote Print Driver, and Apple AirPrint, which make this printer preferable.

Epson ET 2750 Setup

  • Start by unboxing your Epson ET 2750 printer.
  • The package consists of a User Manual, Installation Disc, and ink bottles.
  • Remove all the packing materials like blue tapes and plastic covers from the printer.
  • Open the Scanner unit and Ink tank cover.
  • Slowly fill the ink tanks one by one with the ink bottles provided in the package and close the cover.
  • Close the scanner unit and connect the printer to an electrical source with the help of a power cable.
  • Power up the printer.
  • Select your Language and follow the instructions on the LCD screen of the printer to check whether the ink tanks are filled.
  • Wait for the Initialization to complete. Wait for about 10 minutes and then press OK.
  • To start printing, you need to load paper into the printer.
  • Open the rear feeder end on the printer’s top and take out the input tray.
  • Load a stack of paper after aligning it properly and then adjust the guides.
  • Now, pull the output tray out and select your settings as required for printing.

Download Driver and Manual

Download Driver for Windows

Download Driver for Windows

Download Driver for Mac

Download Driver for Mac

Download Manual

Download Manual


Epson ET 2750 Driver Download and Installation

Epson ET 2750 Driver Download

  • Launch a web browser and go to the Epson printer’s official website.
  • You will be directed to Epson Global Page.
  • Select your Region and proceed.
  • Click the Support link on the home page and click Printers.
  • Enter your printer’s model name, Epson ET 2750, and select the Search icon.
  • Under the Downloads tab, choose the operating system of your device.
  • This shows you the recommended Driver Package Installer for your device. Then, click Download.
  • Open the downloaded file and follow the given on-screen instructions for further setup.

Epson ET 2750 Driver Installation

You can easily install the Epson ET 2750 driver software by following the procedure given below.

  • Insert the Installation CD into the CD drive. This comes with your printer package.
  • You can also download the Installation driver software from the official website of Epson.
  • When the Software Selection Wizard displays on-screen, click Install.
  • Select your connection type in Printer Setup and choose Next or Continue.
  • Select your Setup option under Printer Setup.
  • If the wireless connection is not established automatically, enter your network login credentials and click Next.
  • Then “Start Wireless Setup screen” appears. Press the Home button on the Printer.
  • Select Wi-Fi Setup with the help of the arrow keys on the printer’s control panel and then click OK.
  • Follow the instructions and enter your SSID and password.
  • Enter the network password with the help of the buttons on the control panel of your printer.
  • The Reset button is used to change uppercase or lowercase and numbers or symbols. The Up and down arrow buttons are used to select the characters. To move to other characters, use the right side arrow key and the left key to delete a character. Press OK after entering the password correctly.
  • Finally, your printer gets connected to your wireless network. Follow the instructions displayed on your computer/device and finish the installation process.

Epson ET 2750 Manual

  • Go to the official website of the Epson printer from a web browser on your computer.
  • Select your Place of Residence, and you will be redirected to the Home page.
  • Under the Menu icon, navigate to Support --> Printers
  • Search the Product Name by entering the name of your printer and select Printer type.
  • Under the Manuals and Warranty tab, you will find a PDF Start Here - Installation Guide, User’s Guide, and other manuals.
  • You can view the Manuals by clicking on PDF and download it by clicking the Download icon at the top of the PDF.

Epson ET 2750 Duplex Printing

  • Set up your printer and complete all the initial settings as given in the user manual.
  • Lift the input tray, load paper, and pull the output tray out.
  • Now, open the document/file you want to print from your device.
  • Go to the File menu and select Print from the options displayed.
  • Select Properties --> Page Layout Select the required Document size, Orientation, and other details.
  • If you want to print in color, select the color settings.
  • Turn ON 2-Sided Printing. Click OK.
  • To print multiple pages, select Settings under the Multi-Page menu.
  • To manually perform double-sided printing, first, print on one side of the paper, take it out, turn it over, and place it in the input tray.

Epson ET 2750 Scan

Epson ET 2750 How To Scan

  • First, make sure to connect the Epson ET 2750 printer to your computer and network.
  • Install the product software and perform all the settings for the scanning function.
  • Using your printer’s control panel buttons, scroll using the side arrow keys and select Scan.
  • Open the top cover of the printer.
  • Place the original paper at the end of the platen where the arrow mark is indicated and close the cover.
  • Choose your desired location on the control panel of the printer to save the scanned file.
  • You can save your document as JPG for images and PDF for documents.
  • Specify the required settings, such as Orientation. You can also crop images and documents if needed.
  • After that, save your scanned file.
  • The other method is to use the Epson Scan software installed on your device.
  • Launch the software and select your Mode, Document Type, Image Type, Resolution, Scale for scanning the document. Click Preview.
  • If you want to make changes to the contrast or color settings, select Adjustments in the last section. Finally, select Scan.
  • The printer scans and saves the file in the location you specified.

Epson ET 2750 Scan Multiple Pages

  • First, install the software and set the initial settings.
  • Place the paper on the scanner glass and close it.
  • Open Epson Scan 2 and select Document mode.
  • Mark the ‘Add or edit images after scanning’ checkbox. Select Preview and adjust it if needed.
  • Save the Image format as PDF and click Scan.
  • After the first page is scanned successfully, a new Add Page window prompts.
  • Now, place the second page to be scanned on the scanner glass and close the upper cover. Then, click Add.
  • Repeat the above steps for the multiple pages you want to scan, and finally, click Save. Your PDF file with all the scanned pages will be saved as a single document.

Epson ET 2750 Troubleshooting

You may receive technical error messages while carrying out any printer operations. The wear and tear of the printer parts may cause issues. Use the solutions given below to fix them. You can also contact our technicians for assistance in resolving your printer issues

Epson ET 2750 Error e01

  • This is an error that appears when the printer fails to self-test.
  • Turn OFF the printer, Unplug, and re-plug your power cable to the electrical outlet.
  • Again, turn ON the printer and make sure your network connecting devices are turned ON and connected properly.
  • Look for any paper stuck inside the printer.
  • Wipe off any dust present on the printer.
  • Check whether the scanner part is closed tightly.
  • If the problem persists, it means the paper sensor or printer board is defective.
  • You are recommended to use only the original Epson components.

Epson ET 2750 Not Printing Color

If your printer is not printing colors, check out the following solutions:

  • Check if you have mistakenly selected the Grayscale setting. If so, deselect it. Look for other paper type settings and change them as required.
  • Under Quality settings, select Standard for Windows or Normal for Mac.
  • Clean the print head and check whether the print head nozzles are clogged. Run a nozzle check.
  • Refill ink in the tank till the marked upper limit.
  • It is recommended to use only Epson ink and paper for printing.

Epson ET 2750 Not Printing Color

  • This error occurs when the ink tank is not properly filled. Make sure the inks are poured into the correct tanks.
  • First, unpack the Black ink bottle and refill the BK tank followed by yellow, Magenta, and Cyan, in the same order. Fill till the ink reaches the upper limit mark.
  • If the issue remains unresolved, service the printer.