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HP Officejet Pro 8660 Driver Download

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HP Officejet Pro 8660 Manual

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HP Officejet Pro 8660 Setup

  • Take the 123.hp.com/ojpro8660 duplexer out of the carton and clear all the tapes on it.
  • Hold the sides of duplexer with its rollers towards the printer and insert it into the slot at the rear of the printer.
  • Now, connect the power cord to the rear of the printer and then plug its other end into an electrical outlet.
  • Turn your printer on.
  • On the printer control panel, configure the settings like preferred language and region. Touch Continue to proceed with the HP Officejet Pro 8660 Setup.
  • Change date and time and set the month, day, year and then touch done.


  • Unbox the 123.hp.com/setup 8660 printer. Use a sharp accessory like a cutter to peel the taped cover.
  • Open the box. Take all the accessories of the printer out and place them aside.
  • Take out the printer from the box.
  • Remove all the tapes wrapped around the printer.
  • Remove the sticker on the touchscreen panel.
  • Open the ink cartridge door by placing your fingers into the slots on either side of your 123.hp.com/ojpro8660 printer.
  • Remove all the packing tapes and materials from the inside of the cartridge access area.
  • Close the HP Officejet Pro 8660 Setup printer access door gently.
123.hp.com/setup 8660

How to Download HP Officejet Pro 8660 Printer Driver?

HP Officejet Pro 8660 Driver Download
  • The driver download process on both the Windows and Mac operating systems is same.
  • Before proceeding with the process, make sure your system is connected to the internet.
  • Open a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.
  • Key in the 123.hp.com/ojpro8660 driver in the search bar and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Open the trusted official printer manufacturer link.
  • Scroll down to the HP Officejet Pro 8660 driver download option.
  • Select your operating system and version.
  • Click on the download button to download 123.hp.com/setup 8660 printer driver.
  • Your HP Officejet Pro 8660 Setup printer file will be downloaded automatically to your computer.

How to Install HP Officejet Pro 8660 Printer Driver?

HP Officejet Pro 8660 Driver Installation on Windows

  • A software disc is provided with the 123.hp.com/ojpro8660 printer, use it for installing the driver.
  • Before starting the process, make sure that your system has an external drive.
  • You can copy the contents from the disc onto a USB drive if the drive is not available.
  • For copying the HP Officejet Pro 8660 Setup files, search for computer on your system and then tap the Enter key.
  • This PC pop-up window displays on the screen. Locate the 123.hp.com/setup 8660 driver file and then double-click on the C: drive.
  • Choose the New Folder option and then type a name for the folder.
  • Tap Enter and then click on the Disc Drive option in the File Explorer pop-up window.
  • All the files that are available on the CD get displayed in the right pane.
  • Depending on your necessity, press the Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V buttons.
  • Choose C: drive and then open the folder which you have created previously.
  • Now, tap the Ctrl and V buttons for pasting the files. Search and open the Run window on your system.
  • Type the path of the HP Officejet Pro 8660 driver file and then press Enter.
  • Else, load the installation CD and then double-click the setup file.
  • The Windows Installer displays on the screen.
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines for installing the 123.hp.com/ojpro8660 printer software.
  • Choose Finish and then print a sample sheet.

HP Officejet Pro 8660 Driver Installation on Mac

  • Get the HP Easy Start software for your 123.hp.com/setup 8660 printer from the manufacturer’s site.
  • After downloading, double-click on the .dmg file for starting the HP Officejet Pro 8660 driver installation.
  • Now, the HP Easy Start pop-up window will appear on the Mac desktop.
  • The Continue option will be enabled once you mark on the tickbox.
  • Ensure that all the guidelines mentioned on the Prepare printer for setup dialog box are done.
  • Now, select Continue and then choose your 123.hp.com/ojpro8660 printer on your Mac computer screen.
  • Choose Continue and then select all the required software that you wish to install on your system.
  • Select the connection method depending on the features of your HP Officejet Pro 8660 Setup printer.
  • Continue with the installation procedure by following the instructions on your Mac window.
  • Choose Finish and confirm whether the software is installed correctly by printing a test page on 123.hp.com/setup 8660 printer.

How to Download HP Officejet Pro 8660 Manual?

  • All the information about the HP Officejet Pro 8660 Setup printer is available in the user guide.
  • The steps on how to unpack the Hewlett Packard printer, set the network connection, and more are provided in the manual.
  • The hard copy of the guide is given along with the 123.hp.com/setup 8660 printer.
  • In the future, if you have lost the user guide, download the PDF copy from this web page.
  • From your personal computer or laptop, locate and click on the 123.hp.com/ojpro8660 printer Manual Download link provided on this website.
HP Officejet Pro 8660 Manual Download

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