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HP Deskjet 2632 Driver

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HP Deskjet 2632 Setup

123.hp.com/dj2632 provides you with Print, Copy, and Scan functions. Perform the setup process of the printer to start printing or scanning. The setup procedure is very easy if you follow the guidelines given below.

  • Once the printer package arrives, you have to open the seal of it.
  • Make use of a knife or blade to cut the seal of the package.
  • There will be several components present inside the 123.hp.com/setup 2632 printer box. These include power cord, USB cable, ink cartridges, and more.
  • Take it out and keep it aside. You will require it at a later stage of the HP Deskjet 2632 setup process.
  • Now, unpack the printer and throw away all the packing materials.
  • Remove the blue tapes present around the printer and extend the input and output trays.
  • Attach the power cord to the printer. Associate the other end of the power cord to the wall power supply.
  • Power on the 123.hp.com/dj2632 printer and set the preferences. Be careful when you assign the preferences as the printer will function based on those settings.
  • Unwrap the ink cartridges that came along with the printer and install it in the respective slots.
  • Download the HP Deskjet 25624 drivers on your system to connect your HP Deskjet 2632 printer and computer.
123.hp.com/setup 2632

How to Download HP Deskjet 2632 Driver on Windows & Mac

Downloading the drivers are easy if you are on this site. We have download links for both Windows and Mac systems. There is a simple step that you have to carry out.

  • Find your 123.hp.com/dj2632 printer’s model number. In this case, the model number is HP Deskjet 2632.
  • The OS version of the computer will be identified in the next step.
  • Wait until the optimized results are displayed on your screen.
  • Click the 123.hp.com/setup 2632 printer Driver Download button to download the drivers on your system.
  • Access the Downloads location to run the HP Deskjet 2632 driver file and install it.
HP Deskjet 2632 Setup

How to Install HP Deskjet 2624 Driver

HP Deskjet 2624 Driver Install Windows

  • Installing the printer drivers on your Windows system is very simple if you make use of the guidelines mentioned here.
  • Once you double-click on the 123.hp.com/setup 2632 printer driver setup file, the Initial screen will appear.
  • Tap Continue and read through the Installation Agreement. Comply with it to allow the drivers to be installed on your computer.
  • Wait until the Basic Drivers are installed first on your system.
  • In the next screen, choose any one option from the Manual Setup or Automatic Setup option.
  • The next step of the procedure is to choose the Type of Connection. This 123.hp.com/dj2632 printer model can be connected via a USB cable or wireless network.
  • You can choose any one of the Connection options from the two. There is also an option to connect afterwards if required.
  • If you are choosing the wireless network, then wait until the network environment is checked.
  • In case you are selecting the USB option, you have to connect the USB cable to the computer and the printer when prompted.
  • Select your HP Deskjet 2632 printer from the table available in the next screen. Click the Yes or No button to enable or disable Device Sharing.
  • Wait until the Network Device and Web Services are installed on your system.
  • Mention the Primary Use of the HP Deskjet 2632 printer. Specify the location in the respective field.
  • The HP Deskjet 2632 setup process gets over with the Alignment procedure.

HP Deskjet 2624 Driver Install Mac

  • You can easily set up and connect your 123.hp.com/dj2632 printer with the help of HP Easy Start.
  • Comply with the End User License Agreement by highlighting the checkbox near it.
  • Check if the HP printer is turned on. No USB or Ethernet cables should be attached to the computer.
  • Select the HP printer from the next screen that pops-up.
  • Wait until the system prepares for the HP Deskjet 2632 setup.
  • In the Install screen, a list of software to be installed will be displayed.
  • Tick the checkbox near the Essential HP Deskjet 2624 Driver Software and HP Easy Scan software. Tap Install.
  • Enter the Username and Password correctly to give permissions for the software to be installed.
  • Wait until both the software are downloaded and installed on your computer.
  • Once the installation procedure is over, you have to set the Status and Alerts messages. You will be notified if any issue arises with the 123.hp.com/dj2632 printer.
  • Click the Add Device button to add your 123.hp.com/setup 2632 printer to the list and verify it.
  • The last step is to perform a test print or scan.
  • Set Reminders in the next screen if you want to. Else, select the No Reminders option from the drop-down list.
  • Tap the Continue Online option in the succeeding screen if you want to go online.
  • The HP Deskjet 2632 setup procedure is now complete.

How to Download Manual

Manuals can be referred to if you have any issues or queries related to your HP Deskjet 2632 printer. You can download it from our site if needed.

  • Specify the 123.hp.com/setup 2632 printer’s model number as HP Deskjet 2632 in the respective text box.
  • Wait until the results are displayed on the screen.
  • Tap the Manual Download button.
  • Wait for the download to get over and then navigate to the Downloads location.
  • Double-click on the 123.hp.com/dj2632 manual file to open it on your computer.
HP Deskjet 2632 Manual

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